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We are a family-owned and operated Whiskey Blending House in the heart of historic Fayette County, Texas. We obsessively practice the art of maturing, finishing, and masterfully blending the best one of a kind Rye whiskeys and Bourbons in Texas through the use of the world's highest quality oak, the aging power of the Texas climate, and patient dedication to our whiskey blending craft.
Kooper Family Rye®
Small Batch
Sweetheart of the Rodeo® Bourbon
Prodigal Son Bourbon
Limited Edition
Kooper Family Barrel Reserve Rye
Visit us at Our
Texas tasting Room
Ledbetter, Texas, U.S.A.

Come out and see us at our tasting room and blending house in Ledbetter, Texas. Just a quick drive from Austin, Houston, College Station and everywhere in between. Patrons can enjoy premium whiskey flights with some of the best Rye whiskey and Bourbon in Texas. We also serve various Old Fashioned's, and creative limited edition Bourbon and Rye whiskeys exclusive to our Texas tasting room.

Find a Bottle
Find a bottle of one of our fine Kooper Family Whiskeys at the best retailers in Texas.
Our Story
How we climbed down the corporate ladder and started a blending house tradition in Texas.
Our Craft
The art of maturing & blending the best Rye Whiskey and Bourbon in the moody Texas climate.
Kooper Family Whiskey Co. - Texas
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