Whiskey Blending House

Maturing and Blending whiskey in Texas
We are a family-owned and operated Whiskey Blending House in Fayette County, Texas. Practiced in the art of sourcing, maturing, and blending complex, one-of-a-kind whiskeys through the use of the world's finest oak barrels, the aging power of the Texas climate, and an intense focus on our whiskey blending craft.

We can create smoother, more balanced whiskeys by sourcing the world's highest quality raw distillate and tight-grained oak for our barrels and blending barrels of different origins, ages, and mash bills. Selecting the most elevated quality Oak is a fundamental practice. Maturing and finishing whiskey in the powerful and moody Texas climate is an exercise in extreme patience. Pulling the right barrels at the right time is a meticulous process. Blending the right ones to complement each other's distinct flavors is a timeless creative art form. Skills we work at mastering every day.
American Oak
dill, coconut, vanilla extract, cream soda and sweet spices
European Oak
Subtle and spicy, textures of satin and silk
Second Use Barrels
Sherry, cognac, ex-bourbon. ripe apples, dried fruits, cereals

The World's Finest Oak

Our craft begins with the fundamental practice of choosing the world's best quality oak to age and finish our whiskeys in. From air seasoned American oak from Missouri and Kentucky with the perfect char–to Toasted French Oak barrels that provide a depth of texture–to seasoned second use barrels of various wines, fortified wines, and spirits from around the world, we meticulously source the best quality tight-grained oak for our whiskey barrels.
Extreme Texas Heat
Pushes the whiskey deeper into the oak staves as the heat expands the wood
Wild Temperature Fluctuations
Moves the whiskey in and out of the oak staves extracting flavors
Balanced Humidity
Balanced aging and better control over angel share evaporation

The Powerful & Moody Texas Climate

Average temperatures in our corner of Central Texas reach about 96 degrees during the summer. For the rest of the year, the climate is moody and unreasonable. One day it's 85 degrees, and the next, it’s a freezing 36 and hailing. And that’s just January. The climate here is never steady, and those wild fluctuations and extreme summer temperatures cause our whiskey to breathe in and out of the wood and draw out deeper and deeper flavors, colors and compounds as the years pass.

Perfectly positioned halfway between the dry arid heat of Austin and the Texas Hill Country, and the humid tropical climate of Houston and the Gulf Coast, our blending house gets just the right balance of humidity in the environment. This balance helps our barrels in the aging process and controlling the angel’s share evaporation as well as possible in Texas.

It’s not easy maturing whiskey in the extreme Texas climate, but if you work carefully with the natural advantages that Texas provides, it’s the best place on earth to do it.
Wood Notes
Almond, Sandalwood, Hazelnut, Pecan, Soft Oak, Walnut, Leather
Spice Notes
Black pepper, anise, coffee, clove, cinnamon, tobacco, nutmeg
Sweet Notes
vanilla, caramel, butterscotch, maple, brown sugar, toffee
Fruit Notes
Citrus, Orange, apricot, apple, Pear, cherry, banana, cranberry

A Harmony of Flavors

We draw on an almost infinite number of flavors and aromas to compose our masterpieces. We select whiskey barrels based on flavor profiles, fragrances, and maturity. Next, we define our desired proportions by seeking complementary marriages of flavors and consistency. We then blend the chosen barrels in small batches before returning the mixture to select used oak casks to marry and reach even deeper layers of balance.

Creativity in Every Pour

The outcome of our creative process is the perfect balance of complementary flavors and aromas in our whiskeys. Deep and complex–smooth and gratifying–our Kooper Family Whiskeys are the unmistakable result of our family's patient dedication to our creative craft.
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