Barrel Reserve Rye

Barrel Strength Rye Blend
Coming October 2020
$ 60.00 USD
An uncut, barrel strength blend of our very best Straight Rye Whiskeys. Slowly matured in select white oak casks and masterfully blended in small batches.
$ 60.00 USD
Tasting Notes & Details
Fruit notes of raisins and cherry. Spice, caramel and vanilla bean.
Rye spice, dark fruit, with warm anise, tobacco and sandalwood.
Toffee, caramel apple, black pepper, vanilla, smoke and soft oak.
51% Rye, 36% Corn, 13% Malt + 95% Rye, 5% Malt
4/6 Years Old
116 Proof, 58% Alc. by Vol.
Kooper Family Rye Gold Medal San Francisco WSCKooper Family Rye Best Rye Whiskey Texas Whiskey festivalKooper Family Rye Gold Medal The fifty best
Barrel Reserve Rye
Blended from two distinct Straight Rye whiskeys aged in a series of first and second fill barrels in the warm winds of rural Fayette County, Texas.
First, we age 95% Rye from MGP in Indiana for at least four years in select white oak casks, and 51% Rye from Tennessee for at least six years. We then blend the two in small batches and bottle it at a barrel proof of 116. A barrel strength Rye Whiskey made for the strong of heart and created for adventurous lovers of untamed flavor and a sophisticated taste experience.
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