Runaway Rye

Limited Edition Straight Rye Whiskey
"The finish offers tannic oak, earthy leather, and menthol, with sour cherries and chocolate-covered pretzels." -
Aged a total of 8.9 years, Kooper Family - Runaway Rye traveled many roads and saw many places–acquiring a broad depth of flavor by maturing in three completely different climate zones in the American South.
$ 70.00 USD
$ 70.00 USD
Tasting Notes & Details
Kooper Family Whiskey Tasting Notes
Fruit notes of raisins and cherry. Spice, caramel and vanilla bean.
Kooper Family Whiskey Tasting Notes
Rye spice, dark fruit, with warm anise, tobacco and sandalwood.
Kooper Family Whiskey Tasting Notes
Toffee, caramel apple, black pepper, vanilla, smoke and soft oak.
51% Rye, 36% Corn, 13% Malt
8 Years Old
Kooper Family Rye Gold Medal San Francisco WSCKooper Family Rye Best Rye Whiskey Texas Whiskey festivalKooper Family Rye Gold Medal The fifty best
Runaway Rye
The journey began in Middle Tennessee (humid subtropical climate), where these three barrels were distilled in July 2013. After three slow Tennessee years, they traveled 900 miles west to Kooper Family in Dripping Springs, Texas (semi-arid climate), for two more years.
At five years old, they moved 100 miles east with the Koopers to Fayette County, Texas (humid subtropical climate), to sit idly on the Texas Prairie for three more years. Slowly blossoming into a highly mature, one-of-a-kind Straight Rye Whiskey with an absolutely unique story to tell.
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